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Sealy Fire Department Holds Pinning Ceremony For Three of Their Own

The fire department badge pinning ceremony has been a long-standing tradition in the fire service for many years. It is a recognition for either joining a department or a promotion to a higher rank. I.e., (Firefighter to Engineer or Engineer to Captain).  The Sealy Fire Department celebrated the promotion of three of their own.  Surrounded by their families and co-workers, the three firefighters celebrated important milestones.  During Austin County Emergency Services District No. 2's first badge pinning ceremony Captain Kevin Kramr, Captain Eric Ordner and Firefighter Devin Kern were promoted. 

Ukraine Retakes Towns Within 50km Of Russian Border Amid Rumors Putin To Issue Full Declaration Of War [VIDEO]

The Ukrainian government is touting a weekend advance in the county's east at an "astonishing" rate as the major counteroffensive announced by Kiev over a week ago continues. On Saturday the Russian military issued a rare acknowledgement of a "regrouping" of its forces in Kharkiv Oblast. Kiev and its Western backers are taking the statement as an admission of retreat.

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Satellite Image Reveals ‘Agriculture Wasteland’ Across California’s Rice Capital

New satellite imagery shows a large swath of California's rice fields has been left barren without harvest as fears of a 'mini dust bowl' emerge due to diminishing water supplies. A report via the US Department of Agriculture shows about 300,000 out of the 550,000 acres committed to rice growing in California will go without harvest. This could potentially drive up prices nationwide.

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