Business & Economy

Bankrupt America: A Fragile Nation Grappling With Unprecedented Debt Problems

Consumer bankruptcies are surging, corporate debt has doubled since the last financial crisis, state and local government debt loads have never been higher, and the federal government has been adding more than a trillion dollars a year to the federal debt ever since Barack Obama entered the White House. On top of everything else, everyone else around the world has been on a massive debt binge as well. Unfortunately, all debt bubbles must burst eventually, and the one that we are in right now is definitely on borrowed time.

Health & Medicine

Why Does A Papercut Hurt So Much?

We’ve all done it. Whether it’s from flipping through a magazine too quickly or licking the edge of an envelope so it can be sealed shut, we’ve all experienced the wrath of a papercut. The wound should look more like a Quentin Tarantino film for the amount of pain it causes, which begs the question—why does a papercut hurt so badly?


Down Home Dining

Down Home Dining: Episode 2 – The Backdrop Events

In the second episode of our new series, Down Home Dining, we were in Sealy, TX at The Backdrop Events to sample some Cajun cuisine! The Backdrop Event’s owner, Monique Watkins is not only a great cook but, she can host some out of this world events for you at her location!

Historic Austin County

The Alamo Road Show Coming to San Felipe de Austin Museum

The Alamo will hit the road and be at the San Felipe de Austin Museum in San Felipe on Thursday, July 19. Roadshow presenters will bring artifacts from the Alamo and General Land Office (GLO) Archives that will someday appear in the forthcoming Alamo Museum and Visitor’s Center. Roadshow organizers will also gather feedback from attendees on their thoughts and suggestions for the future of the Alamo.

Legal & Public Notices


A public hearing concerning the annual compensation of District and County Officers and employees of the 155th Judicial District of Texas, shall be held on August 29th, 2017, at 8:00 a.m. in the Court Room located on the 1st floor of the Austin County Courthouse.