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Two Political Consultants Plead Guilty In Henry Cuellar Bribery Case

Political consultants Rendon and Strother have pleaded guilty to laundering bribes totaling over $200,000 for Congressman Henry Cuellar, implicating him in a scheme involving a Mexican bank and Azerbaijani interests. The scandal alleges Cuellar accepted almost $600,000 in bribes, using the funds for personal expenses including a custom gown, while also allegedly pushing favorable policies for the involved parties in Congress. As the investigation unfolds, Cuellar maintains his innocence amidst mounting legal and political challenges.

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Dade Phelan Directs House Leaders To Revisit Vouchers, Property Taxes In The Next Legislative Session

House Speaker Dade Phelan unveils his agenda for the next Texas Legislative session, targeting issues like school vouchers, property tax relief, and housing affordability. With a contentious GOP primary runoff looming, Phelan’s priorities signal his stance on key policy debates and his efforts to address pressing concerns facing Texans. His proposed measures aim to navigate complex challenges, from education funding to insurance affordability, in a state grappling with diverse economic and social needs.

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The Constitutional Authority for State Border Defense and Security [VIDEO]

Under the U.S. Constitution, state governments hold significant authority to defend their borders and ensure the security of their residents, a power that is often overshadowed by the federal government’s role in national defense. A close examination of the Constitution reveals a robust framework that empowers states to act independently in protecting their territories.

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