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Texas Victory: Federal Judge Rules $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill Unconstitutional, Backs Ken Paxton’s Challenge [VIDEO]

In a significant legal win for Texas and Attorney General Ken Paxton, a federal judge has declared the $1.7 trillion government funding bill passed in December 2022 unconstitutional. The ruling stems from the House of Representatives’ use of proxy voting, which allowed members to vote without being physically present. This decision could pave the way for other states to challenge aspects of the spending bill.

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Controversy Erupts as Majority of House Democrats Reject Bills Addressing Social Security Fraud and Drunk Driving by Migrants

House Democrats are under scrutiny after 75% of their caucus voted against legislation targeting Social Security fraud committed by migrants and deporting those involved in drunk driving incidents. The bills, H.R. 6678 and H.R. 6976, drew bipartisan support in Congress, but many Democrats opposed them, sparking concerns over their prioritization of immigration issues over the welfare of American citizens. The votes have ignited a debate on immigration policies and their implications on public safety.

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Supreme Court to Review January 6 Obstruction Case, Impacting Trump and Other Defendants

The Supreme Court has agreed to review a case related to January 6 defendants, which could have major implications for former President Donald Trump and hundreds of others facing charges related to the Capitol riot. The case concerns the interpretation of a federal obstruction law, and the Supreme Court’s decision on this matter could significantly impact the charges against Trump and other defendants.

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