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What Your Music Streaming Service Tells People about You

There are two questions that label you more harshly and permanently than any others. They are: “Apple or Android?” and, “What do you use to listen to music?” If your answers to these questions are the same, then you’re really stuck for life. The music question reveals a lot more than just your Apple-Android loyalty though. It unconsciously tells people – including yourself if you pay attention – how social you are, how you think, how you react to the unexpected, how you live your day-to-day life, and how you engage with the world. In other words, it reveals your temperament.

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The Five Things Your Kids Will Remember of You

Parenting is hard work. It calls on mothers and fathers to really forget themselves and put their kids first. So it’s no wonder that sometimes, we take shortcuts. We buy them a toy rather than spend more time with them; we lose our temper rather than practice patience; we put on the TV at dinnertime instead of having a conversation. But, tiny parenting moments, which seem so trivial at the time, can add up and have a lasting impact on our kids.

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