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How NASA’s Roman Telescope Will Measure Ages of Stars

Astronomers are using NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope to study the ages of stars in our Milky Way galaxy by measuring their rotation periods. By analyzing changes in brightness caused by starspots, researchers can estimate a star’s age based on its mass and rotation rate. This innovative approach, supported by artificial intelligence, promises new insights into the formation and evolution of our galaxy.

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Gadhave Earns ‘New Innovator’ Research Award From Foundation For Food And Agriculture Research

Kiran Gadhave, Ph.D., a Texas A&M AgriLife Research entomologist, has been honored with the New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research. His groundbreaking research aims to develop an integrated pest management tool to combat tomato spotted wilt virus and thrips, offering a sustainable solution to enhance specialty crop production in the Texas Panhandle and beyond. Dr. Gadhave’s innovative approach using independent-mobile RNA has the potential to revolutionize pest-pathogen control in various food crops worldwide.

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Citizen Scientists Invited to Collect Data for NASA During Eclipse

As the Moon eclipses the Sun on April 8, 2024, thousands of citizen scientists, including fifth- and sixth-grade students from Alpena Elementary in Arkansas, will collect temperature readings and cloud data to aid research on the Sun’s influence on climate. Using NASA’s GLOBE Observer app, these enthusiastic participants will contribute valuable information for understanding temperature fluctuations during the eclipse, particularly in diverse climate regions across North America. This collaborative effort highlights the power of citizen science in advancing our knowledge of Earth’s environment and inspiring a new generation of scientific inquiry.

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Conference Highlighting Artificial Intelligence Advances In Agriculture Will Be April 15-17 At Texas A&M

The 2024 Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture and Natural Resources Conference, hosted by Texas A&M University System from April 15-17, features experts like Seth Murray and Ali Fares discussing AI’s role in managing sustainability amid environmental stress. With a focus on knowledge-sharing and collaboration, the event aims to advance AI technology’s implementation in agriculture, attracting over 300 attendees from universities and industries nationwide. Key topics include sensors, robotics, pests, diseases, water, soils, and more, offering a comprehensive exploration of AI’s impact on agriculture.

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