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Optimizing Genetics To Advance Controlled Environment Agriculture

Texas A&M AgriLife is bolstering its controlled environment horticulture program with the addition of Dr. Krishna Bhattarai, an expert in plant breeding and genetics. His research focuses on developing new cultivars optimized for controlled environment production, aiming to enhance traits like nutritional density, flavor, and growth habit. With a holistic approach, Texas A&M aims to lead innovation in this burgeoning field, offering growers sustainable and profitable solutions for premium produce.

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How NASA’s Roman Telescope Will Measure Ages of Stars

Astronomers are using NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope to study the ages of stars in our Milky Way galaxy by measuring their rotation periods. By analyzing changes in brightness caused by starspots, researchers can estimate a star’s age based on its mass and rotation rate. This innovative approach, supported by artificial intelligence, promises new insights into the formation and evolution of our galaxy.

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