About Us


Austin County News Online is a FREE web based news source for the Austin County, Texas area. The website features local, state and national news as well as sports, lifestyles and other areas of interest to local residents.


Readers are able to watch news videos as well as read written columns. The Austin County area has approximately 28,000+ potential readers who are reached daily via our website. However, our viewership reaches well beyond that to our surrounding counties and further.  Our service area which includes Austin County and the surrounding counties has close to to 1 million potential viewers and last year we reached almost one million page views on our site.

Austin County itself is nestled just outside of the west side of Houston, Texas. This semi-rural setting makes Austin County a relaxing place to live and visit. Many of our citizen’s work and play in the Houston area, but enjoy the small town atmosphere that is offered in our three major municipalities.

Visitors to the area can enjoy the history of Austin County along with its rolling hills and country charm. 

Since we are a FREE news website we are dependent entirely on our wonderful local businesses for support. If you own a business in Austin County or one of the surrounding counties please consider advertising with us so we can continue to grow our news reach and ability.

The Ones Who Make It Happen

Greg Stuessel

Greg is the owner/operator of Austin County News Online Inc.  He wears the majority of the hats and maintains the website as well as performs the video work and editing.  He does any writing that is needed for local articles and provides digital services to the area with the media division of the company:  Austin County Media.

Harvey Stuessel

Harvey maintains the Events Calendar as well as the Jobs Board on Austin County News Online.  He helps with videography when needed especially when multiple municipal meetings fall on the same day.  He also assists with monitoring the web for news that could be of interest to the area.

Andrew Matheson

Andrew is the owner and operator of Rockfort Media.  Andrew is our backstop whenever coding or severe web issues arise.  His company also hosts the servers where Austin County News Online resides.  He is invaluable in helping to keep the website going.