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South Texas Needs Rain. Tropical Storm Alberto Didn’t Deliver Enough.

The Rio Grande Valley in South Texas faced anticipated heavy rains from Tropical Storm Alberto, which ultimately fell short of expected levels, offering some relief to flood concerns but failing to significantly replenish critically low reservoirs like Falcon and Amistad. Compounded by Mexico’s drought-induced water shortages, the region’s agricultural and municipal sectors are grappling with dire water scarcity, impacting crops like citrus and creating logistical challenges for water delivery to communities. Despite recent rainfall providing temporary soil moisture, substantial recovery of reservoir levels hinges on potentially severe hurricane events akin to those seen in 2010, highlighting ongoing vulnerability to water deficits in the area.

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Chocolate Prices Set to Surge Amid Cocoa Supply Crisis [VIDEO]

Chocolate prices are set to rise sharply as cocoa costs soar past $11,000 per ton due to Federal Reserve policies, speculative trading, and adverse weather in West Africa. Despite previous hedging efforts, companies like Nestlé will increase prices, impacting consumers. Long-term investments in cocoa farming aim to stabilize supply, but product composition may change to adapt to higher costs.

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Financiers Plan To Launch A Texas-Based Stock Exchange

A consortium of financial heavyweights, including BlackRock and Citadel Securities, has raised $120 million to launch the Texas Stock Exchange in Dallas, aiming to provide an alternative to established players like NYSE and Nasdaq. Positioned as more CEO-friendly amidst rising compliance costs, TXSE aims to capitalize on Texas’s economic growth and corporate headquarters base, potentially reshaping the U.S. equities trading landscape pending SEC approval later this year.

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