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Mosquito Season: How To Control And Prevent Bites

Get expert advice from a Texas A&M AgriLife entomologist on tackling mosquito season in Texas. Discover key insights on controlling mosquito populations amidst changing environmental conditions and learn effective strategies to protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites and potential diseases. Stay ahead of the buzz and bite with valuable tips for managing mosquitoes during the season.

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First Human Case Of Bird Flu In Texas Detected After Contact With Infected Dairy Cattle

A person in Texas contracted the highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza A(H5N1) after contact with infected dairy cattle, marking the first human case in the state and the second in the U.S. State officials believe the risk to the general public is low but urge caution for those with close contact with affected animals. Health care providers are advised to consider the possibility of infection in individuals with symptoms and potential exposure.

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Cows At Three Texas Dairy Farms Have Bird Flu, Another Blow To Cattle Country Following Wildfires

The Texas dairy industry faces a new challenge as cows in the Panhandle test positive for the bird flu, a first for livestock. Despite the outbreak, there is no safety concern for the milk supply as affected milk is being disposed of, and the disease is being monitored closely by state and federal agencies. With biosecurity measures in place and ongoing evaluation of the situation, experts aim to contain the spread and minimize impacts on the state’s critical dairy sector.

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