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Chigger Season Tips To Beat The Itch

Chiggers, the tiny pests causing big itching trouble, are on the rise as summer approaches, warns entomologist Bryant McDowell. With their knack for settling in tight clothing areas and moist spots, they inject saliva into the skin, triggering allergic reactions. To dodge their misery, shower promptly after outdoor activities, wear long clothing, and use repellents like DEET or sulfur powder.

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Mosquito Season: How To Control And Prevent Bites

Get expert advice from a Texas A&M AgriLife entomologist on tackling mosquito season in Texas. Discover key insights on controlling mosquito populations amidst changing environmental conditions and learn effective strategies to protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites and potential diseases. Stay ahead of the buzz and bite with valuable tips for managing mosquitoes during the season.

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