Hailiang Copper Tube Texas Plant Opening In Sealy, Announced at Ceremony [VIDEO]

Hailiang Copper Tube Texas Plant Opening Announced at Ceremony [VIDEO]

Tuesday was a big economic announcement day for Austin County and Sealy, Texas.  A Chinese-invested copper tubing plant project launched.  Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd, a Chinese-based company that manufactures pipes, tubing and other products out of copper, has purchased the former BAE Systems facility and will build a new 500,000-square-foot building and invest $165 million in the project.  Hailiang will operate a new facility that produces copper water pipes, coils, refrigerating air conditioning pipes, insulation pipes, and other conduits, according to the company.

Wang Hu, general manager of Hailiang Texas, said it is the first manufacturing plant Hailiang built in the United States. The manufacturing line is planned to be put into operation next year, and the first phase of the project will be finished in 2022.

“Around 200 job opportunities will be generated when the first phase is finished,” Wang said.

According to the Section 313 Value Limitation Agreement prepared by attorney Mike Fry between Sealy ISD and Hailiang, “The approval of this agreement would undoubtedly prove beneficial to the economic development of Austin County, as well as the viability of Hailiang Copper Texas, Inc. to be located within the state of Texas.”

The entire announcement celebration can be viewed below.