Bellville Medical Center Welcomes Sealy Favorite Dr. Kannappan Krishnaswamy

Bellville Medical Center Welcomes Sealy Favorite Dr. Kannappan Krishnaswamy

The Bellville Medical Center will be adding a familiar face from the Sealy area to it’s staff.  Kr. annappan Krishnaswamy of the Medical Clinics of Sealy and the Sealy Urgent care will now be a part of the center’s staff.  The press release outlining their relationship moving forward is as follows:

With the transition from CHI to Bellville Medical Center, the new leadership sought to bring together providers in Austin County to better serve the County and surrounding areas.  Juanita Romans, current BMC CEO, and members of the Bellville Hospital District Board met early on with Dr. Kannappan Krishnaswamy of Sealy, hoping to include him in their strategy of providing more comprehensive care in Austin County.  With Dr. Krishna’s experience, qualifications, vision and compassion, the fit was a natural one for both parties. 

Dr. Krishnaswamy, Internal Medicine, of Sealy Urgent Care Center Medical Clinic, had previously been on staff at Bellville Hospital, and the nurses remember him fondly.  Once the credentialing process was complete, Bellville Medical Center was pleased to welcome Dr. Krishna back “home.” Dr. Krishna will enjoy the latitude that comes from working in an independent facility and contribute input on the strategy for the growth of healthcare in Austin County.

For those who are fortunate enough to know Dr. Krishnaswamy and his wife, Jothi, they know that Dr. K and Jothi are interested in providing the appropriate level of care for their patients and take a very personal interest in them.  Being able to hospitalize patients closer to home, avoiding the stressful travel, construction and traffic, while accessing the needed care by familiar faces means better holistic care to Dr. Krishna and better outcomes for his beloved patients.

Not only will Dr. Krishnaswamy walk the halls of Bellville Medical Center, but the recent addition to his practice, Dr. Avinash Narine, Family Medicine, has also joined the staff of BMC.  Dr. Narine displays an interest in treating his families with the compassion and competence for which Dr. Krishna is known.

Bellville Medical Center is most fortunate to have these two physicians caring for patients, both in the hospital and offering continuity of care upon discharge.  Dr. Krishanswamy and Dr. Narine continue to see patients at the Sealy Urgent Care Center Medical Clinic.  Combining our resources means better, more comprehensive care for Austin County residents.