Residents of Austin County eagerly anticipated the rare celestial event of a total solar eclipse. Unfortunately, heavy cloud cover obscured the view for many, casting a shadow of disappointment over the region.

Despite the obstructed view, many residents, including students from Brazos Independent School District (ISD), Sealy ISD, and Bellville High School, made the most of the situation, attempting to catch glimpses of the eclipse whenever the sun peeked through the clouds.

Brazos ISD shared their experience on Facebook, noting that although viewing conditions were not ideal, the event still provided an exciting learning opportunity for their students.



Sealy High School took to social media to express their gratitude to The Gordon Memorial Library and generous teachers who donated eclipse glasses, enabling their students to enjoy the eclipse safely.  They also created an entire Facebook Album entitled The Great Solar Eclipse of 2024 @ SHS to mark and commemorate the occasion.

Selman Elementary, part of Sealy ISD, expressed their excitement as the rain cleared, allowing students to witness the eclipse firsthand.  Fifth graders at Maggie B. Selman Elementary held a solar eclipse watch party, adding a fun and educational element to their day.



Sealy Elementary extended their thanks to the Sealy PTA for providing solar eclipse glasses to staff and students, ensuring everyone could partake in the event safely.

Bellville High School students, unable to witness the eclipse directly due to the cloudy skies, utilized NASA’s live feed to experience the phenomenon. Some groups also ventured outside to witness the eclipse firsthand, despite the challenging conditions.

Although the total solar eclipse was somewhat obscured by clouds, the community’s enthusiasm and effort to witness this rare event were evident, highlighting the spirit of curiosity and exploration that thrives in Austin County, Texas.


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