COVID 19 Update from Judge Tim Lapham

lapham covid 19

“We are still at 12 positive cases of residents of Austin County. According to the state, 7 of those are considered Recovered. Bellville Medical Center is continuing to test. To date, they have tested 164 with 8 of those positive and 9 pending. Look for a drive thru testing here in Austin County possibly early next week. This is being put on by the state and we are not going to get much notice of when they will be here. Probably 48 hours notice. This will be a free test, if you have insurance, they will take the information. You will have to preregister for the test online or by phone and be symptomatic at the time of testing. This is all the information I have at this time. As soon as I hear more I will post. Keep up the good work.”

– Austin County Judge, Tim Lapham