Bellville Young Life Program Changes Kids Lives And Hopes To Create A Chapter In Sealy [VIDEO]

The Sealy Chamber Luncheon featured the Bellville Young Life Program.  Young Life’s national mission is to “introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and [help] them grow in their faith.”  The Young Life program helps kids by reaching out to them on their own turf and giving them a healthy spiritual outlet through participation in weekly activities and a yearly week long camp.

Rick Lowe, the area director for Young Life, spoke to the luncheon group about the program they currently have in Bellville.  He related how the program was started in Bellville in 2000 and many of the successes it has had in changing the lives of the Bellville High School Kids that participate.  He explained how it is their hope to create a Young Life program that can assist the Sealy High School kids as well, giving them the same healthy creative outlets and opportunities to make the same positive impact that they have seen with the Bellville Kids.  Mr. Lowe said that they are looking for willing adults to volunteers to help run the proposed Sealy Young Life group.  If you would like to contact Mr. Lowe for more information or if you are interested in working with Young Life, he can be reached at:  (979) 877-8145 or you can email him at  The following video is of Mr. Lowe’s presentation:



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