The area at 2330 Hwy 36 has been empty for quite a while, ever since Bill’s Grocery moved back to its original location in Sealy.  But, that is about to change.  Tractor Supply Company is going to open a new store in that location tentatively set for September 6, 2014.

“Tractor Supply Company is excited about being a new member of the Sealy business community.    As a growth minded company, Tractor Supply Company (TSC) is always looking for potential new store locations that are a good fit as far as the target market is concerned.  Concerning the location in Sealy, this is especially true in that the area was attractive due to the farmers, and horse owners in the area.” – Rob Hoskins, Head of Media Relations for the company.

The location in Sealy will have 22,500 square feet and will employ between 12-17 full and part-time team members.

The store will carry lawn and garden as well as animal care products that service the needs of the Austin County Area.

The position of the store, close to I-10 and on Hwy. 36, is sure to make agricultural shopping for the Austin County area a lot easier. Construction of the store is currently underway by Buffalo Construction based out of Michigan.