As summer begins to heat up the Junior Firefighters of Austin County Emergency Services District #2 have stepped forward to make a significant impact on their local seniors by donating fans to The Silver Lake Retirement Community. The donation drive, spearheaded by Brittany Bermea, the administrative coordinator and a veteran firefighter with 15 years of experience, was a resounding success, receiving widespread appreciation from the Silver Lake Retirement Community.

The Junior Firefighter program, launched last November, is a group of young individuals aged 12-17 from various educational backgrounds, including local schools and homeschooling. The program not only aims to prepare the youth for future careers in the fire service and as first responders but also instills a strong sense of civic duty and community service.




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“The idea for the fan drive originated from a similar initiative at another small-town department where I started my firefighting career,” explained Bermea. “When I proposed the idea to our Junior Firefighters, they were immediately on board and enthusiastic about contributing to the community.”

Over a three-week period, the team advertised the fan drive on Facebook, successfully collecting several fans donated by residents of Austin County. The fans were then presented to residents of The Silver Lake Retirement Community, many of whom expressed profound gratitude for the thoughtful gesture.

Addy Lozano, one of the Junior Firefighters involved in the donation, shared her feelings about the experience, “I was happy to donate and felt great knowing I was able to help my community. It’s about making a difference where we can.”

The successful fan donation drive has not only brought comfort to the elderly during the warm season but has also highlighted the spirit of generosity and community support fostered by the Austin County ESD #2 Junior Firefighters program. This initiative serves as only one example of how these young individuals can positively influence their communities and the lives of others.



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