The Sealy ISD posted a message for students, teachers and the community warning of “increased law enforcement presence” after the tragedy that happened in Uvalde, TX.  The message was posted their social media page with a link to the Sealy ISD Website with the following message:

SISD Families,
Tonight we are heartbroken for the Uvalde school community. As a father and superintendent it is
hard to process the tragedy that unfolded this afternoon.

Naturally, events like today cause anxiety about the safety of our students at school. Sealy ISD
and our community have always prioritized school safety and we have many safeguards in place to
prevent tragic events. We are not perfect and we have areas where we can improve but we will leave
no stone unturned to create as safe of a school environment as possible.

Over the next few days you will notice an increased law enforcement presence on our campuses. We
are blessed to have very strong partnerships with both the Sealy Police Department and the Austin
County Sheriff’s Office. They have graciously offered to help provide some additional coverage and
increase patrols around our campuses as we close out the school year. We have no known threats of
any kind and we expect a great end to a great school year. This is simply an effort to give our
community some peace of mind as we finish up.

Talking with children about violence can be difficult and with unlimited data at our fingertips
24/7, it is nearly impossible to insulate students from news of today’s events. If you are
interested, click here for a document that offers guidance for talking with your children and
actions to take in the wake of today’s tragedy.

Tonight I attended a Kindergarten graduation at Sealy Elementary. The smiles on the faces of 500
plus of our students, staff, and families represent all that is right about the experiences we want
and expect for our children. We owe it to our students to protect their joy for school and learning
and we will. We do not take the trust you have in our district lightly and we will do everything
within our power to keep our children safe. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns and
please keep the Uvalde community in your thoughts and prayers.


Bryan Hallmark
Superintendent, Sealy ISD

The message was issued by Sealy ISD Superintendent, Bryan Hallmark.

We also put a call into the Bellville ISD and Brazos ISD to inquire about if any additional precautions were being taken.  Bellville ISD stated that in addition to their normal police on campus presence they were having additional patrols on all campuses for the remainder of the school year.  Brazos ISD Superintendent Scott Rogers explained that their safety and security board met after the incident with local police and Austin County Sheriff’s Department to discuss and implement any additional steps that should be taken to ensure the safety of the students. 

In addition, the Brazos ISD instituted a guardian program which is still in place with members on all Brazos ISD campuses according to Brazos ISD Superintendent Scott Rogers.  Bellville ISD does not have a guardian program and neither does the Sealy ISD.