Residents Along Brazos River, San Bernard River And Mill Creek Ordered To Evacuate

The Austin County Emergency Management has just released the following alert.

The twenty-four-hour rain amount from Tropical Storm Harvey added to the projected rain amount during the next 72 hours will cause the Brazos River, San Bernard River and Mill Creek to flood low lying areas of the county. All residents living along low areas along these water ways need to evacuate to higher areas.
The Brazos is predicted to crest at 128.3 feet by Monday at 11PM. That is six feet higher than the flood of 2016. Mill Creek is predicted to crest at 21 feet Monday at 11PM. The San Bernard is predicted to reach record flood levels. Flood levels in all three water ways will remain until Friday. Additional rain beyond the 72-hour period will add to length of river flooding. In addition, there are already many areas with water over the road. It is difficult to see water on blacktop roads at night. Be alert. Be safe and remember to turn around don’t drown.