Take a trip to the grocery store lately?  You might be suffering from sticker shock.  Many people are concerned with the price of groceries and the cost of living in general but, you wouldn’t know it by the government statistics.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports inflation in the US running is running at only 1.5 percent.  So, how can this be?  It’s actually quite simple; the government is lying.  Max Keiser of RT.com explains it thusly:

“Since food is the one essential component in any household budget – by rigging the food price number in the index, by understating food’s true costs, or simply omitting food costs from the index – government statisticians can claim that the overall trend in inflation is 1.5 percent, even though food prices are rising by close to 10 percent, and the overall inflation experienced by the average consumer is near 8 percent.”

The government has been doing this statistical hocus pocus for years but, it is only now that people are beginning to wake up to this fact simply because reality is not matching the rhetoric.  To read the full article click HERE.