The Biden administration’s southern border crisis continues to escalate, with new figures from Fox News field reporter Bill Melugin revealing that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encounters in the last 24 hours have reached an unprecedented high.




According to Melugin, CBP sources reported more than 12,600 migrants encountered at the southern border in the last day, marking the highest single-day total ever recorded. The true number is significantly higher, as thousands of migrants are still waiting to be processed in Eagle Pass, Texas, and are not yet included in the official count.




Eagle Pass has been completely overrun by mass illegal crossings, as evidenced by images and videos shared by Melugin. The situation is pushing the Border Patrol to a breaking point, with CBP sources on the ground describing it as an unmitigated disaster.




The crisis has intensified following the recent halt of freight train activity on two railway bridges connecting Texas and Mexico. This comes as the Biden administration faces criticism for its handling of the border situation, with many questioning the effectiveness of current policies and measures.


The situation has been exacerbated by a mass censorship campaign by Democrats and leftist corporate media outlets, who have attempted to suppress the worsening crisis. However, the emergence of alternative platforms such as ‘free speech’ X has allowed for greater transparency and dissemination of information.

As the border crisis reaches new heights, the Biden administration is under increased pressure to address the situation and implement effective solutions to mitigate the impact on both migrants and local communities.


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