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Study Shows Obamacare Plans “Unaffordable” in 94% of American Cities

eHealth reviewed the lowest-price 2017 plan available for families of three comprised of two adults age 35 and one child. Using a relatively modest assumed rate increase of 10% to project 2018 rates from 2017 rates, eHealth discovered that the lowest-priced plan would be officially
unaffordable under Obamacare’s own affordability standards.

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Stop Misusing the Term “Health Care”

Confusion about “health care” stems from the misuse of the term itself. In common usage, the term “health care” is used as a synonym for “medical care” and “medical insurance,” although these terms have widely different meanings. This is more than an issue of semantics. There are serious policy implications of using the wrong words, and the misuse reflects an entitled attitude among the populace and lazy thinking by the media, academia, and politicians.

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Robotic Heart Could Save Lives [VIDEO]

What would you do if you had a heart attack that permanently damaged your heart? This is a question that many face every day. A patient facing these conditions is quite limited. The answer most people say is heart transplant. But, people can wait on lists for a long time waiting for an acceptable transplant. But, now, a new device has been invented. It’s a robotic heart that could save lives. The robotic heart, developed by Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital researchers, fits around a heart and helps it beat.

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