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“Rampant Fraud” Exposed In Obamacare Exchanges: 100% Of Fictitious Enrollees Obtained Subsidies

A recent “undercover enrollment” investigation conducted by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that pretty much anyone can sign up for Obamacare and receive taxpayer funded incentives without having to worry about pesky little details like proving citizenship, identity or income-based needs.  In fact, the study found that every single one of its 15 fictitious Obamacare applications were actually approved […]

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The Lack of EpiPen Competitors is the FDA’s Fault

There’s a new bout of outrage over an expensive medicine or medical treatment. While the good in question changes each time, the blame always seems to fall on greedy corporations who just aren’t regulated enough. Free markets and capitalism are the scapegoat, even when nothing remotely resembling unhampered markets in health care is in place in the United States. Share […]

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Stressed? Time to Sweat It (Out)

Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. Stress is an inevitable part of our modern existence. Whether you’re the CEO of a large company, a Kindergarten teacher or a construction worker, you have stress to deal with. We all have bills to pay, relationships to maintain and challenges to get through. But you don’t have to let it get the best of […]

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Life Expectancy Is Up, and Health Inequality Is Down

We have heard a great deal about increases in mortality among white, non-Hispanic, middle-aged Americans (especially women), but to state the case is also to note that this is one group among many. In an excellent new paper, Currie and Schwandt discuss the good news — overall life expectancy is up, and health inequality is down, in some cases dramatically. Here, for […]

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Why Obamacare Is Failing at “Universal Coverage”

The ACA has stimulated dramatic changes to America’s individual health-insurance market. It has placed more restrictions on insurance pricing (i.e., charging individuals different premiums depending on their health and age), and it has mandated benefit increases for insurance plans. Such changes have caused premiums on the ACA exchanges to soar by 49 percent, on average; younger, healthier adults have seen […]

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Top 5 Health Risks At Nail Salons

Imagine you’re unwinding from the day in your nail salon’s massage chair getting a pedicure. You’re in relaxation mode with your back being rubbed and feet being pampered, then–ouch! The nail technician accidentally nicked the skin near your toenail. The pain is only temporary, so you continue sticking your feet in and out of the water as directed and don’t […]

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