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Wheat Crop Shaping Up Better Than Past Two Years, But Prices Are Low

Despite low wheat prices, Texas wheat producers are optimistic due to better-than-usual wheat production across the state. The Southern Plains, including major wheat-producing states like Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado, are reporting significantly improved conditions compared to last year. Producers are considering alternative avenues such as grazing wheat for cattle or harvesting for silage to capitalize on the favorable conditions.

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Summer Ag Academy For High School Teachers To Be June 9-21 In Bryan

Join the Texas A&M Summer Ag Academy, held from June 9-21, at the Agriculture and Workforce Education Center on the Texas A&M-RELLIS campus in Bryan. Explore 15 interactive workshops designed to enhance high school agriculture teachers’ skills with the latest innovations in agriculture and other industries. Register by June 1 to secure your spot and gain valuable experience to enrich your classroom.

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Spring Is The Time For Texans To ‘Two-Step’ Toward Fire Ant Control

Spring is an ideal time to start controlling fire ants, says a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert. The Two-Step Method, involving semi-annual broadcast applications of fire ant bait followed by individual mound treatments, is recommended for its effectiveness and environmental friendliness. Proper use of fire ant control products, such as avoiding gasoline and following label instructions, is crucial for safety and effectiveness.

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Egg Prices Increase Ahead Of Easter Holiday

As Easter approaches, egg prices are on the rise, driven by increased demand for holiday baking and activities. Despite this increase, prices remain lower than earlier in the year, offering consumers some relief. The ongoing effects of avian influenza have also influenced prices, with producers able to replace lost hens, leading to a more stable market.

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