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Egg Prices Increase Ahead Of Easter Holiday

As Easter approaches, egg prices are on the rise, driven by increased demand for holiday baking and activities. Despite this increase, prices remain lower than earlier in the year, offering consumers some relief. The ongoing effects of avian influenza have also influenced prices, with producers able to replace lost hens, leading to a more stable market.

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Bringing Back Native Grasslands After Wildfire

After the Smokehouse Creek Fire in the Texas Panhandle, ranchers face challenges in recovering their land. Texas A&M experts advise ranchers to keep livestock off burned pastures until forage recovers, consider leasing land or culling animals, and plan for smarter rebuilding to mitigate future fire risks. The fire, while devastating, provides an opportunity to build resiliency into ranching practices by stewarding native perennial grasses and strategically managing landscapes for future fire readiness.

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“It Does Not Get Easier”: Texas Ranchers Lose Cattle And Land In Historic Wildfires

As wildfires ravage the Texas Panhandle, ranchers like Jay O’Brien face devastating losses of land and livestock. The Smokehouse Creek fire, one of the largest in recent memory, has left a trail of destruction, with thousands of cattle dead and extensive damage to pastures. Despite ongoing relief efforts, the road to recovery for these ranchers will be long and arduous, requiring years of support and rebuilding.

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Pioneering Wildfire Alert System Tested During Texas Panhandle Fires

Thousands in the Texas Panhandle received rapid wireless emergency alerts on Feb. 26-27, warning of an imminent, dangerous wildfire, thanks to a groundbreaking system developed by the Texas A&M Forest Service. Utilizing advanced fire and weather prediction technology, this new process allowed for nine times faster notification to the public and fire-fighting partners, demonstrating the effectiveness of strong inter-agency relationships in emergency management. The Integrated Team Fire Warning Paradigm Process, created in response to the 2018 Camp Fire in California, marks a significant advancement in wildfire detection, notification, and action coordination, ensuring timely alerts and safer communities.

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Livestock Respiratory Issues Expected Following Panhandle Wildfires

Following the devastating wildfires in the Texas Panhandle, the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory is warning livestock owners to watch for respiratory issues in their animals. Dr. Alexis Thompson, a veterinary diagnostician, notes that smoke inhalation can lead to respiratory irritation and secondary bacterial infections in cattle, with limited medical interventions available. Monitoring for signs of respiratory distress and working closely with veterinarians are crucial steps in ensuring the health and well-being of livestock affected by the wildfires.

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