Across the nation states are grappling with a significant challenge: the growing population of feral hogs. The problem is widespread and continues to grow as feral hog populations expand their range. Currently at least 15 states have a significant issue with this growing nuisance. These states have reported extensive damage to agricultural crops, natural habitats, and property caused by feral hogs. Nationally, feral hogs cause approximately $2.5 billion in damage each year.  Feral hogs are highly adaptable and prolific breeders, with sows capable of birthing two litters of up to twelve piglets each year leading to populations totaling between 6.5 million to 9 million hogs. You can find more information at the USDA National Invasive Species Information Center.



Since feral hogs are highly adaptable and reproduce rapidly, keeping ahead of the rising population is almost impossible. In an effort to slow damage caused by feral hogs, Austin County has instituted a feral hog bounty program sponsored by Austin County Commissioners Court. For each pair of feral hog ears participants will be awarded $5. To collect the bounty participants must live in Austin County and must bring evidence in the form of one pair of feral hog ears. Each set of ears must be put in an individually sealed bag and dropped off at one of the designated locations. Please note that there is a limit of twenty pairs of ears per household.  Current drop off locations are: Steinhauser’s (Sealy location ONLY) Linseisen’s Feed and Supply (Bellville), and Lindemann Store (Industry). Feral hogs may be harvested until the grant funds are depleted. Please note that all feral hogs MUST be harvested in Austin County.



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