Brazos Middle School recently hosted its annual “Breakfast with a Badge” event in celebration of Police Appreciation Week. This special occasion allowed students to engage with local law enforcement officers, fostering positive relationships and highlighting the invaluable contributions of these dedicated professionals. This year, the event was made even more remarkable with the participation of representatives from the US Secret Service, who not only shared breakfast with the students but also provided a compelling presentation about their department and potential career opportunities. The event received enthusiastic support from the Brazos Independent School District (ISD) and local law enforcement agencies, creating an exceptional experience for everyone involved.

The Brazos ISD ensured that the “Breakfast with a Badge” event was a memorable culinary experience as well. Students and officers were treated to a delectable spread, featuring a variety of breakfast favorites. The carefully prepared and generously served meal contributed to the warm and inviting atmosphere, creating a relaxed environment for meaningful conversations between the students and the law enforcement officers.

Brazos Middle School’s “Breakfast with a Badge” event proved to be a resounding success, fostering positive relationships between students and law enforcement officers. The addition of representatives from the US Secret Service elevated the event, providing valuable insights into law enforcement careers and highlighting the dedication of these professionals. The event not only celebrated Police Appreciation Week but also served as a testament to the Brazos ISD’s commitment to supporting and fostering strong community ties. By promoting understanding and appreciation, events like these contribute to a safer and more harmonious society.


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