The Brazos High School Cougar Stage Company left an indelible mark at the inaugural First Annual OAP Cobrafest held in Industrial. The group showcased their theatrical prowess, garnering recognition and accolades.

For those unfamiliar, a One Act Play (OAP) competition involves the performance of a complete play within a single act, without intermissions. This format challenges participants to deliver compelling storytelling, character development, and thematic depth within a condensed timeframe.

At the festival, the Cougar Stage Company captivated audiences and judges alike with their exceptional performances. Sage Aguilar, Christian Mayorga, and Fabian Castillo received an All-Star Cast Honorable Mention Award for their outstanding portrayals. Additionally, Cheyenne Bertrand and Camille Combie were honored with an All-Star Cast Award, highlighting their remarkable contributions to the ensemble.

Technical excellence was also celebrated, with Zachary Baker receiving The Best Technician Award for his adept handling of behind-the-scenes elements crucial to a seamless production. Furthermore, Winston was recognized with an Honorary Performing Award, underscoring the importance of contributions made offstage to the success of the performance.

The Cougar Stage Company’s participation not only provided valuable learning experiences but also showcased their talent on a broader stage. Their success at the OAP Cobrafest reflects the dedication of the students involved, as well as the unwavering support from their school and community.

Congratulations to the Cougar Stage Company for their achievements at the First Annual OAP Cobrafest, and may their future endeavors in the realm of theater continue to shine brightly.



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