Austin County Seniors Get Front Row Seat To Local Government [VIDEO]

Last week’s Austin County Commissioners Court was not simply a meeting but, one that focused on teaching.  Seniors from all the High Schools in Austin County:  Brazos ISD, Bellville ISD, Sealy ISD, and Faith Academy, were invited to come and take part in a question and answer forum.  The Commissioners, County Judge and heads of the different departments of county government were seated to take questions of them.  For a twist, the students were allowed to not only ask questions openly but, were also allowed to “tweet” questions via Twitter.

Introduction of county government participants and explanation of what their department does:  00:08:34 – 00:45:46 of the video

Introduction of Seniors from their respective high school:  00:48:01 – 00:55:19 of the video

Q & A session:  00:55:19 – 01:32:04 of the video