Austin County Recovers Majority Of Pena Embezzled Funds [VIDEO]

At Austin County Commissioners Court last week County Judge Tim Lapham informed the court that the county had been reimbursed somewhere around $213,000 of the approximately $275,000 embezzled by former Austin County Tax Assessor Marcus Pena.  $100,000 came from an insurance policy that the county carries on all elected officials.  Another $100,000 from a bond that is carried by the elected official and somewhere around $13,000 from other unspecified source(s).  

Pena was sentenced to 10 Years in Jail in March for the theft of funds during his tenure as Austin County Tax Assessor Collector.  Pena plead guilty to first-degree felony theft by a public servant and misapplication of fiduciary finances.

The video of Judge Lapham informing the court is below: