The Brazos Cougars faced a tough defeat against the Van Vleck Leopards, with a final score of 35-21. The game saw hundreds in attendance, enjoying the fair weather and dry field conditions, setting the stage for an exciting match.

First Quarter:

The Leopards started the game with a bang, scoring their first passing touchdown with approximately 8 minutes left on the clock. A successful point after touchdown (PAT) followed, putting the score at Brazos 0, Van Vleck 7. The Leopards continued their momentum, scoring again with a pick-6 and another successful PAT with around 2 minutes to go, ending the first quarter at Brazos 0, Van Vleck 14.

Second Quarter:

The Cougars fought back in the second quarter, scoring their first passing touchdown with about 11 minutes remaining. A successful PAT followed, narrowing the score to Brazos 7, Van Vleck 14. However, the Leopards responded swiftly with a rushing touchdown and a successful PAT with around 5 minutes to go, extending their lead to Brazos 7, Van Vleck 21. The Cougars managed another passing touchdown and PAT with approximately 3 minutes left, making it Brazos 14, Van Vleck 21. The Leopards retaliated with another rushing touchdown and PAT with about a minute remaining, concluding the first half at Brazos 14, Van Vleck 28.

Third Quarter:

The third quarter saw the Leopards maintaining their lead, scoring a rushing touchdown and a successful PAT with around 8 minutes to go, pushing the score to Brazos 14, Van Vleck 35. The Cougars struggled to find their footing, unable to score in this quarter.

Fourth Quarter:

In the final quarter, the Cougars managed to score a rushing touchdown and a successful PAT under the last minute, finalizing the score at Brazos 21, Van Vleck 35.

Brazos Cougars Statistics:

Despite the loss, the Brazos Cougars hold a commendable overall record of 4-1, with a winning percentage of 0.80. They are currently positioned 4th in the district with a district record of 0-1. The Cougars have showcased their dominance at home, maintaining a flawless home record of 2-0. Their performance in away games stands at 2-1, and they have not played at a neutral location yet.



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