The Austin County Elections Department is extending an invitation to local students within Austin County to take part in their inaugural “I Voted” and “Future Voter” design contest. This creative competition is open to all students from kindergarten to twelfth grade, regardless of their educational setting – Public, Private, or Homeschool. The winning design will be prominently featured on materials distributed to voters during the 2024 elections, specifically at the Early Voting stage and on the main Election Day. The submission deadline for designs is set for September 1, 2023.

A panel of esteemed judges will evaluate all the designs submitted for the contest. Their assessment will be based on several key criteria including the theme of the design, its uniqueness, and the level of artistic creativity displayed.

Finalists for the contest will be notified by the Elections Department by September 20, 2023. These individuals will receive a special invitation to attend an awards ceremony scheduled to take place during the Commissioners Court session on September 25, 2023. During this ceremony, the winners will be publicly announced, allowing their talent to be recognized by the wider community.

To participate, interested students must adhere to the official rules of the contest. This involves completing an Entry Form for the “I Voted” or “Future Voter” sticker design and submitting it alongside a Parental Consent Form. All submissions must be made in person either through the designated school representative’s front office or at the Austin County Tax Office. The submission deadline for designs is September 1, 2023, at 4 P.M.

For more comprehensive details about the contest, interested parties can find additional information on the official website of the Austin County Elections Department at This competition not only encourages creative expression but also underscores the significance of civic participation among young individuals within Austin County.