Following the recent severe storm in Austin County, the Office of Emergency Management is urging residents to report any damage sustained. The storm brought high winds and heavy rain, leading to widespread damage and power outages.

There are two forms that need to be filled out; one for the state and one for the local emergency management. 

The first form is for the State of Texas’ iSTAT Damage Survey and can be accessed HERE. Once on the page, please be sure and select “Spring Severe Weather and Flooding” Event.

The second form is our local Austin County Office of Emergency Management Veoci Damage Reporting Form, which can be accessed HERE.  

Why Reporting is Crucial:

  1. iSTAT Damage Surveys: Managed by the Texas Division of Emergency Management, this platform (TDEM iSTAT Damage Surveys) is essential for assessing the overall damage across the county. By filling out this survey, residents help state officials gather critical information to support disaster response and recovery efforts.
  2. Veoci Damage Reporting Form: This form (Veoci Damage Reporting Form) serves a similar purpose, allowing the local Office of Emergency Management to collect detailed information on the damages. This data aids in understanding the full extent of the impact, facilitating better coordination and allocation of resources for recovery.

How to Fill Out the Forms:

  • Provide Accurate Information: Include details about the type and extent of damage to your property.
  • Include Contact Information: Ensure that your contact details are correct for follow-up if needed.
  • Document the Damage: If possible, attach photos or videos of the damage to provide a visual reference.

Impact on Recovery Efforts:

By reporting damage through these platforms, residents play a vital role in the disaster recovery process. Accurate and comprehensive reporting helps local and state authorities to:

  • Assess the total impact of the storm
  • Secure necessary funding and resources for recovery
  • Prioritize response efforts to the most affected areas

Your cooperation in reporting storm damage is essential for a swift and effective recovery. Please take a few moments to fill out the iSTAT Damage Survey and the Veoci Damage Reporting Form to help Austin County rebuild and recover from this devastating storm.  Please share this information with anyone affected by the storm. Thank You!




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