In a heartfelt moment at the Bellville City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, Sgt. Corey Hood and Sgt. Kelvin Whorton of the Bellville Police Department were honored for their courageous actions in thwarting a violent criminal’s attempt to abduct a young lady in the community. The officers were commended by Police Chief Jason Smalley, who praised their vigilance and credited their intervention for potentially saving the victim’s life and preventing further harm.

The commendation began with Chief Smalley recounting the harrowing events that took place on May 10th, just a week prior. A violent individual, having already brutally murdered his wife in Houston, had traveled into the peaceful community of Bellville. There, he targeted an unsuspecting young lady who was standing by her car at a local convenience store, intending to kidnap her.

Sgt. Hood of the Bellville Police Department and Sgt. Whorton of the Hempstead Police Department happened to be at the right place and at the right time, a remarkable coincidence that Chief Smalley deemed to be an act of divine intervention. Their vigilance and immediate response thwarted the murderer’s attempt to abduct another victim and potentially saved numerous lives.

As the officers pulled into the convenience store’s parking lot, the murderer, startled by their presence, released the young lady and hastily attempted to flee in his truck. However, his escape was short-lived. In the pursuit that ensued, the murderer rammed into Sgt. Hood’s truck, disabling it, but he continued his desperate attempt to escape.

Within seconds, an entourage of local law enforcement units joined the pursuit, and the murderer soon realized he was outnumbered and had no chance of escape. Surrendering to the authorities, the threat he posed was swiftly neutralized, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the dedicated law enforcement personnel involved.

Chief Smalley expressed his admiration for Sgt. Hood and Sgt. Whorton, acknowledging that their courageous actions, along with the grace of God, played a crucial role in preventing a far more tragic outcome. Their bravery and commitment to protecting the community exemplified the highest ideals of law enforcement.

The commendation received a warm response from the Bellville City Council and attendees at the meeting. Applause filled the room as Sgt. Hood and Sgt. Whorton stood at the podium, humbly accepting the recognition for their extraordinary service.

The actions of Sgt. Corey Hood and Sgt. Kelvin Whorton serve as a testament to the dedication and selflessness displayed by law enforcement officers every day. Their bravery in the face of danger highlights the importance of having diligent and vigilant individuals protecting our communities.

As the Bellville Police Department and the Hempstead Police Department honor their officers, the community also expresses its gratitude for the exceptional service provided by these individuals. The heroic acts of Sgt. Hood and Sgt. Whorton will be remembered as an inspiration to others and a reminder that, even in the safest of places, the unwavering commitment of law enforcement personnel is vital for maintaining peace and protecting innocent lives.

Once again, congratulations to Sgt. Corey Hood and Sgt. Kelvin Whorton for their remarkable bravery and unwavering dedication to duty. Their actions have undoubtedly made Bellville a safer place, and their service is a source of great pride for the entire community.  You can view the commendation at the 00:08:40 – 00:11:23 mark of the video below:



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