On the afternoon of May 10th, 2023, an attempted abduction occurred in the parking lot of a Seven Eleven in Bellville, sending shockwaves throughout the community. A male subject driving a truck pulled up next to a female victim as she was walking to her vehicle, got out of his truck, and grabbed her. However, he was unsuccessful in his attempt, as one of the Bellville Police Officers happened to be driving by at that very moment.

The suspect quickly noticed law enforcement and rushed back into his truck, attempting to flee the scene. A high-speed pursuit followed through Bellville, and then onto State Highway 36 North, eventually ending on Kenney Hall Road, where the suspect’s vehicle finally came to a stop. As law enforcement approached to apprehend him, the suspect was seen snorting large amounts of what is believed to be cocaine, potentially causing a narcotic reaction.

The suspect, identified as Jesus Duarte Ramirez, 45 years of age, was taken into custody and transported from the scene to the Mid Coast Medical Center (Bellville Hospital) for treatment. Ramirez faces several charges, including attempted kidnapping, evading arrest, and tampering with evidence. The investigation into this incident is still pending at this time.

The female victim, fortunately, was not physically injured during the attempted abduction.


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