The Sealy High School Lady Tiger Powerlifting Team has reason to celebrate after a recent competition at Rice Consolidated. The team of 16 girls competed in various weight classes and achieved impressive results.

Jenna Kollmann placed 5th in the 97 lb weight class, Mariah Torres placed 4th in the 105 lb class, and Izzie Pittillo placed 7th in the 114 lb class. Lacie Perez took 3rd place in the 123 lb class, while Anya Cano and Chloe Peikert placed 4th and 9th respectively in the 132 lb class. In the 148 lb class, Jada Burton placed 8th, Haven Hmielewski placed 11th, Vanity Jackson placed 15th, and Faith Sledge placed 17th.

The team’s success continued in the 165 lb weight class, where Antreece Coleman took home 1st place and Lily Walts placed 4th. Lilli Stone placed 2nd in the 181 lb class, while Mason Infante and Annabel Navarro took 1st and 3rd place respectively in the 198 lb class. Finally, Miranda Trejo placed 5th in the 220 lb weight class.

These impressive results are a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by the Lady Tiger Powerlifting Team. It takes a tremendous amount of physical and mental toughness to compete in powerlifting, and the Sealy High School girls have demonstrated that they have what it takes to excel.

Congratulations to the Lady Tiger Powerlifting Team on their outstanding performance at Rice Consolidated! Their success is a source of pride for their school and community, and they serve as an inspiration for others who aspire to achieve greatness in the sport of powerlifting.


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