The Sealy Farmers Market’s inaugural event happened on June 18, 2022 from 9 am to noon at Downtown Sealy Main Street.  The event is going to be an ongoing feature on Sealy Main Street’s calendar happening every 3rd Saturday of the month subject to the parameters that are outlined below.  


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This first event was set from 9-12 but, future markets will be from 8am to noon.  Part of Main Street and Fowlkes Street were closed during the event which required council’s approval.  The time was chosen to allow for the event to happen while minimizing the impact to the rest of the downtown businesses who might be affected by the street closure.  The time worked because many businesses in downtown would normally be closed at those times on the weekend.  The emphasis for this first event was for the typical trappings of a farmers market to be available: fruits, vegetables, canned goods, plants, etc.  However, as future markets happen other things will be considered.  This first farmers market served as a trial balloon to measure success and allow for adjustments with the event being brought back to council to cement it as a more permanent fixture for the community.

Many people don’t realize that events like this involve a LOT of planning and hard work to get off the ground.  Babbette Smith, the owner of Patches in downtown Sealy, along with Chelsea Humes with the Sealy Main Street Program were the ones who spearheaded the initiative.  Babbette is credited as an outspoken and tireless advocate for the Shops of Downtown Sealy who strive collectively to try to revitalize the downtown Sealy area and make it a central place of commerce for the city.  The culmination of all the planning for the market finally came to fruition with the approval of the event by the city council on June 7, 2022.  You can watch the presentation and approval from the 01:14:32 mark of the video to the 01:23:53 mark of the video below:

If you would like to be part of further upcoming farmers markets you can contact the Shops of Downtown Sealy at:  (979) 627-9106 or email them at