One Person Shot After Protesters Storm Capitol; Trump Urges “Stay Peaceful” [VIDEO]

One Person Shot After Protesters Storm Capitol; Trump Urges “Stay Peaceful” [VIDEO]


  • 100s of Pro-Trump protesters clashed with police after the president’s speech
  • A number of protesters breached security at The Capitol and are inside the building
  • The Capitol has been evacuated
  • VP Pence has been escorted from the Chamber to a secure location
  • 1000s are peacefully protesting outside’
  • President Trump urges protesters (via Tweet) to “Stay peaceful”
  • Washington DC Mayor orders 6 pm citywide curfew
  • DoD refuses to call DC official for National Guard deployment
  • Federal Protective Service, Secret Service Deploying To Capitol
  • President Trump Orders National Guard To Capitol To Restore Order 

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Update (1542ET): President Trump has ordered the National Guard to Capitol grounds to restore order. 

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Update (1533ET): Several media outlets are reporting one person was shot on Capitol grounds about 30 minutes ago. 

AP is reporting one person was shot; CNN is reporting a woman was shot in the chest on Capitol grounds. 

Apparent gunshot victim being rushed out of the Capitol building. 

We are awaiting more information. 

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Update (1520ET): Within the past hour, President Trump has tweeted again, this time urging “everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful.” 

Trump continued: “No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!” 

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Update (1512ET): More views of protesters on the Senate floor. 

Additional views from inside the Capitol.

Just wow!

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Update (1508ET): Here’s a stunning view of protesters using a window washing platform to get to higher floors of the Capitol. 

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Update (1455ET): “Officers have drawn their firearms inside the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives after supporters egged on by the president breached the Capitol,” tweeted Reuters’ Brad Heath. 

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Update (1444ET): DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered a citywide curfew starting at 1800 ET following the chaos at the Capitol. Also, reporters are saying tear gas has been deployed while President Trump urges supporters to remain peaceful. 

“Lawmakers have been told to get ready to put on gas masks and have retrieved gas masks from under the seats. There is banging on the door to the chamber,” Bloomberg’s Emma Kinery tweeted. 


Moments ago, President Trump urged protesters to “support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement.”

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Update (1434ET): Trump supporters have breached the Capitol building. The mob is now inside the building. Security at the Capitol building has failed.

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Following President Trump’s address to supporters at a rally in Washington on Wednesday afternoon, a group of demonstrators marched to the US Capitol and reportedly breached several layers of security barricades around the building.

Just before 1300 ET, a group of Trump supporters “toppled the barricades, storming through them to the grassy fields leading to the Capitol,” according to WaPo

Inside the Capitol, Congress is meeting to certify the electoral college votes for President-elect Joe Biden

Amid the unfolding chaos, staff in the Cannon House Office building to evacuate, according to a notice obtained by Bloomberg. Madison office building staff have also been told to evacuate. 



Trump supporters are attempting to break police lines at the Capitol. 


“Whoa: Trump supporters going at it with the police on the steps of the Capitol as Congress counts the Electoral College ballots inside,” HuffPost’s Philip Lewis tweeted.

Representative Haley Stevens tweeted that she is “sheltering in place in my office.” She said the building next to her is being “evacuated.” 

Stevens wrote: “I can’t believe I have to write this.” 


Here are more views outside of the Capitol. The Daily Dot’s Zachary Petrizzo said police are now firing tear gas into the crowd. 

Apparently, the crowd outside the Capitol is increasing in size. 

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins has just tweeted the “US Capitol is now on lockdown.” 

Protesters are now at the steps of the Capitol.

Protesters have made it to the doors of the Capitol. 


Protesters have made it inside the Capitol building. 

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