Mark MacDonald Helps Kickoff Sealy Pound-4-Pound Challenge [VIDEO]

The Sealy Pound-4-Pound Challenge started last night with a motivational lecture/teaching session with Mark MacDonald, founder of Venice Nutrition.  MacDonald is author of the New York Times Bestseller Body Confidence.  He is also currently the host of the HLN news segment Transformation Tuesdays and has been featured as a health expert on The Dr. Oz Show, CNN, Access Hollywood, Chelsey Lately and HLN.

The Pound-4-Pound Challenge is described on the website as “A scientifically-based approach enables you to create a permanent health structure by stabilizing your blood sugar levels (glucose in your blood) with the right food.  You then create balance (homeostasis) which allows your body to release stored body fat, toxins and excess sodium, while protecting lean muscle mass and igniting your metabolism.”

The Pound-4-Pound Challenge will take place over a 4 week period and will cost $60, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Sealy Rotary.  If you are interested in taking part, you can contact Sarah Whitehead by calling her at (713) 202-3099.