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Gov. Greg Abbott Defends Migrant Tactics In Eagle Pass Amid Escalating Legal Battle With Biden Administration

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, joined by visiting Republican governors, criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of the southern border and reiterated his commitment to defending the state against what he termed an “invasion” of migrants. Abbott has intensified border enforcement efforts despite federal jurisdiction over immigration law enforcement, alleging that the Biden administration has failed in its responsibilities. This ongoing feud has led to the erection of razor wire and other measures in Eagle Pass, drawing both support and opposition from various quarters, including a recent convoy of Americans protesting border policies.

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John Cornyn Endorses Donald Trump For President

U.S. Senator John Cornyn has officially endorsed Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for the 2024 presidential race, following Trump’s recent primary win in New Hampshire. Cornyn cited the need for Republican unity to defeat President Biden and emphasized his concerns about the current administration’s domestic and foreign policies. This endorsement comes after Cornyn had previously expressed a preference for a new direction within the GOP but was swayed by Trump’s decisive primary victories and the departure of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis from the race, leaving Nikki Haley as Trump’s last viable opponent.

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Ken Paxton Says He’ll Accept Judgment, Won’t Contest Facts in Whistleblower Case

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has taken a surprising turn in a long-running whistleblower lawsuit against him, signaling his willingness to end the legal battle by accepting any judgment and dropping his denial that he violated the Texas Whistleblowers Act. Paxton’s move comes after exhausting his options to avoid sitting for a deposition, with the Texas Supreme Court ruling against him. The lawsuit, initiated by four former top deputies who allege they were improperly fired for reporting Paxton to the FBI, continues to be a contentious legal matter.

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Ken Paxton Paid $2.4 Million To Defense Lawyers For Impeachment Trial

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has used $2.4 million from his campaign funds to cover legal fees linked to his recent impeachment trial, a campaign finance report reveals. Paxton faced impeachment on abuse-of-office charges in May and was acquitted in September, and the report’s disclosure sheds light on the financial aspects of his defense. The use of campaign funds for his legal expenses has ignited a political debate in Texas, despite Paxton’s assertion that no taxpayer dollars were used for his defense.

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San Antonio Plans To Tackle Violence With A Public Health Approach. Here’s What That Looks Like.

San Antonio is set to adopt a public health framework to tackle violence, joining Houston and Austin in using evidence-based approaches to address crime. The city’s initiative focuses on youth-related crimes, gun violence, sexual assaults, and domestic violence, as identified by residents as top priorities. By combining resources and community engagement, San Antonio aims to make a significant impact in reducing violence and improving public safety over the coming years.

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