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You’re Afraid of Power, Not Trump

Everyone loves the advancement of their own personal agenda, as long as the not so nice parts are pointed elsewhere. We are far too quick to trade our freedoms and liberties on the promise that our compassionate leaders will crush our evil opposition. But every power used to control our political and social enemies can also be used to control us.

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How Alexander Hamilton Warned Us About Hillary [AUDIO]

One of the greatest fears of the anti-federalists was that the proposed federal government would become a kingdom. And, that that kingdom would usurp the power of the states, turning them into subjugated provinces of the federal government. And, over and over and over again the federalist papers reassured them that the way in which the federal government was setup by the constitution, that it could NEVER have this power. But, today, it is just a matter of fact to most politicians that the federal government can claim almost any power that it wants. This election cycle it is important that we re-visit our founding generations writings to see how America is supposed to function.

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Assange’s Fate

The saga of Julian Assange seems to be drawing to a climax – one that will decide the fate of this historic whistleblower who, for years, has been a giant thorn in the side of governments everywhere. Share This Article

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Resisting the Dictatorship Mindset

When people in power convince a population that every problem requires a political solution, that population is primed for authoritarianism. In other words, the population has adopted “The Dictatorship Mindset.” While political engagement is crucial to a functioning civil society, the politicization of every facet of life will eventually crush that society.

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The Evolution of Sovereignty in American Political Thought

Sadly, most Americans have rejected the idea of sovereignty in the people and have instead reverted back to the pre-revolutionary British model of the government’s sovereignty. They’ve placed sovereign power in politically connected lawyers staffing the Supreme Court, and even the president. Americans can take back control over the federal government, but to do so, they must rediscover the founding principle of sovereignty in the people.

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Whatever Happened to the “Land of the Free?”

America once was unique in all the history of the world. It wasn’t its natural resources, the character of its people, or its beauty that made it special. Other countries could boast of similar things. The essence of America was an abundance of something rarely found in other countries: freedom from government. Share This Article

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