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Reality Check: The Fight For Alfie [VIDEO]

His name was Alfie Evans, a 24 month old baby who died in the UK on Saturday.  Though his life was mercilessly short, Alfie was at the center of a heart-wrenching debate over who should have the final authority over a child’s medical care, the parents, or the state, and at what point does medical care cross the line into medical kidnapping.  Did that happen here?  Ben Swann gives it a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else.

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Surprise: Voters AREN’T More Polarized than Ever, Only Pols and Media Are [VIDEO]

If you listen to the media, we live in the most polarized time since the Civil War. America has sorted into 2 mutual exclusive groups: Democrats & Republicans or liberals & conservatives. And, we agree on absolutely nothing. Without a common culture, the United States is rapidly descending into a war against all and may God have mercy on our souls. Well, not exactly. Americans actually agree with each other on many, if not, most fundamental questions. The polarization that we hear about all the time is largely restricted to political activists and media elites who mistake their own extreme views for the voice of the people. In reality, voters are not more extreme or polarized than in the past. Rather, it is the political parties that have pushed out to the far right and far left and they’re nominating candidates that represent fewer and fewer Americans.

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