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Puerto Rico’s Battered Hospitals On Verge Of Failure

A week after then-category 4 Hurricane Maria made landfall in densely populated eastern Puerto Rico, electricity remains offline across most of the island, while supplies of staples like gas, food and water are dwindling. And now, hospitals across the island are struggling to continue providing medical services to patients after the storm left many of them flooded, strewn with rubble or relying on diesel-powered generators that will soon run out of fuel.

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Massive Data Breach At Equifax: As Many As 143 Million Social Security Numbers Hacked

Equifax shocked investors, and more than a third of America, when it announced on Thursday afternoon that hackers had breached its data systems, compromising the personal information of approximately 143 million U.S. consumers. The information accessed “primarily includes names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some instances, driver’s license numbers.”

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CEO Who Raised Drug Prices 5,000 Percent Had Difficulty Seating Impartial Jury Transcript Reveals

Martin Shkreli’s attorneys had a difficult time seating a jury for the trial of “pharma bro” aka “the most hated man in America”. Shkreli, if you remember, is the CEO who raised the drug price for Daraprim from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill (a 5000% increase). The attorney’s had to interview more than 250 prospective jurors before agreeing on 12.

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“Under Any Analysis, It’s Insanity”: What War With North Korea Could Look Like

Now that the possibility of a war between the US and North Korea seems just one harshly worded tweet away, and the window of opportunity for a diplomatic solution, as well as for the US stopping Kim Jong-Un from obtaining a nuclear-armed ICBM closing fast, analysts have started to analyze President Trump’s military options, what a war between the US […]

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McMaster: U.S. Preparing For “Preventive War” With North Korea [VIDEO]

“What you’re asking is– is are we preparing plans for a preventive war, right? A war that would prevent North Korea from threatening the United States with a nuclear weapon. And the president’s been very clear about it. He said he’s not gonna tolerate North Korea being able to threaten the United States. So of course, we have to provide all options to do that. And that includes a military option.”

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