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2020 Gun Sales Shatter Records As Americans Lock N’ Load

People have been stocking up on firearms like never before. According to monthly FBI data, November was the busiest month on record for background checks with over 3.6 million applications – a figure which is up 40% from the prior November, putting the country at an all-time high of 35,758,249 checks so far this year – and 26% higher than 2019’s 28,400,000 checks.

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Dismal NFL Ratings Force Networks To Renegotiate With Advertisers

Absolutely terrible NFL ratings and pandemic-driven schedule changes are forcing television networks to renegotiate deals with advertisers to make up for the much smaller audience, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, which adds that their opportunity to profit off of the remaining games during the typically lucrative holiday season is narrowing.

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Many Texas Families Say Remote Learning Isn’t Working and They Want it Fixed

Online Class

Almost midway through the school year, it has become increasingly clear that virtual learning is failing a sizable number of Texas public school students whose parents decided to keep them home as COVID-19 grips the state. The disturbing number of students posting failing grades while trying to learn in front of computer screens has also brought into sharper focus the failure of state […]

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