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Cigarette Sales in the US Drop to All-Time Low: A Shift in Smoking Habits

The United States has seen a significant decline in cigarette sales over the past four decades, reaching an all-time low since the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) began tracking them in 1963. Factors contributing to this downward trend include increased public smoking bans, higher taxes on tobacco products, and a growing awareness of the health risks associated with smoking. As a result, the once-glamorous image of smoking has lost some of its allure, and the future of cigarette sales in the United States remains uncertain.

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Prepare For Winter Weather

With sub-freezing temperatures sweeping across Texas, experts from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service offer valuable advice to protect your plants, pipes, and pets from the cold. Ensure your pets have shelter and clean their paws after contact with salt and deicers. To safeguard your plants, water them before freezing temperatures and cover them adequately; consider moving container plants indoors or placing them in a sheltered location with ample sunlight. Additionally, take preventive measures to protect exposed pipes, including insulation and heat tape, to prevent potential freeze damage to your home.

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How To Make Healthy Eating Habits Stick In The New Year

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts offer valuable advice for establishing realistic and sustainable healthy eating goals in the new year. Instead of rigid resolutions, they suggest starting when you feel ready and setting specific, measurable goals. They emphasize mindfulness, considering multiple dimensions of wellness, and building a support system for long-term success in improving your eating habits and overall health.

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Wine Trends To Watch In 2024

The wine industry in Texas is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by an influx of people to the state and increasing domestic wine consumption. Texas now ranks fifth in the United States for wine production, with a significant economic impact of $20.35 billion and nearly 900 wineries. Additionally, the industry is embracing sustainability practices and experimenting with niche wines, such as Sagrantino and orange wine, to cater to evolving consumer preferences for unique tasting experiences and low-alcohol options.

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