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Inflation Takes Toll: 60% of Americans Report Their Income Does Not Keep Up With Rising Prices in a Cooling Job Market

Despite a cooling job market and Federal Reserve’s actions to curb economic growth, American workers are holding onto their bargaining power, with 64 percent experiencing pay increases in the 12 months after October 2022, according to a Bankrate survey. However, inflation is eroding their gains, affecting a majority of workers and highlighting income disparities among different demographic groups.

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Purchasing Real Texas Christmas Trees Boosts Economy

Discover the economic significance of real Christmas trees in Texas as over 4 million trees are sold annually, contributing to a $714 million industry and supporting thousands of jobs. Explore the rich history and environmental benefits of these festive trees while considering their role in sustaining local economies and ecosystems.

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Farewell to the Middle Class: Over 50% of U.S. Workers Earned Below $40,847.18 as Economic Hardships Intensify

Amidst rising inflation and soaring living costs, the latest Social Security Administration data paints a bleak picture for the U.S. middle class, with the median 2022 wage of $40,847.18 falling short for a comfortable lifestyle. This financial crunch, coupled with escalating housing costs and a burgeoning consumer debt crisis, signals an alarming trend towards increased poverty and societal strain as we head into 2024.

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