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Canada Unleashes Retaliatory Tariffs On US: Here Is The Full List Of Affected Products

Canadian PM Justin Turdeau exclaimed his indignance at the Trump administration’s decision to impose tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum imports, saying it is an “affront” and announced retaliatory tariffs against the US. The tariffs cover Whiskey, Orange Juice, and other food products as well as steel and aluminum. Measures will apply to up to C$16.6 billion dollars of products.

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Running On Empty

Public pensions and medical funds are delineating inevitable battle lines: governments versus taxpayers, the unproductive versus the productive, the aging versus the young. Public pension obligations are rising so fast that even repeated tax increases can’t keep up. If the stock and bond markets suffer multi-year declines, even modest declines, the pension war will move from skirmishes to open political combat.

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