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Florida’s Orange Growers May Never Recover From Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma destroyed half of Florida’s citrus crop when it tore through the state earlier this month. Many of the affected groves of oranges and grapefruits were approaching harvest and their destruction has since help send the price of orange concentrate futures rocketing higher. Unfortunately, Irma only exacerbated the situation of declining output caused by an epidemic of “citrus greening” that’s in its twelfth year.

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Bang For Your Buck? Mapping Where A Dollar Goes Furthest In America

“Go to any large, high-density city like New York or San Francisco, and you’ll notice a difference in costs immediately. The price you pay for groceries, dinner at the restaurant, filling up your tank, or even your daily coffee goes up substantially… While this effect on costs is most evident in cities, it’s actually present throughout the country.”

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Putting America’s Record-Breaking $20 Trillion Debt In Global Context

The U.S. federal government just passed a record $20 trillion in publicly held debt. And, it will only grow higher unless President Trump and the U.S. Congress can agree to unprecedented spending cuts combined with tax increases. But when you look at another fiscal measure – the ratio of debt-to-GDP – the U.S. is not in the worst situation…

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Carmageddon: Deep Subprime Auto Delinquencies Spike To 10-Year Highs

“As soon as lenders (and the investors behind them) get overconfident that they have better models and can make excess profits by disrespecting credit risk, they always get their hats handed to them sooner or later. The mortgage market learned this lesson at the expense of the entire global financial system, and it is playing out now in a micro-level, in the ABS market for subprime auto loans.”

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