The Brazos Middle School Cougars and Cougarettes recently competed at the Van Vleck Track & Field Athletic Meet, with impressive results. The teams worked hard and displayed remarkable athletic abilities, resulting in commendable rankings in each category.  Some of the events included:  Triple Jump, Pole Vault and various running competitions.

In the 7th grade girls’ category, the Cougarettes placed 4th. Despite tough competition, the team demonstrated their determination and perseverance, giving their best effort until the very end. Their impressive performance highlights the potential of these young athletes and their bright future in the world of sports.

In the 8th grade girls’ category, the Cougarettes excelled and placed 2nd. Their hard work and dedication paid off as they showcased their impressive athletic abilities, leaving their opponents behind. The team’s spirit and teamwork were remarkable, further contributing to their success in the meet.

The 7th grade boys’ team also delivered an outstanding performance, finishing 2nd in their category. Their efforts and practice paid off, as they competed against some of the best athletes in the region. The boys displayed their potential and dedication towards their craft, leaving their coaches and supporters proud.

The 8th grade boys’ team also finished 2nd in their category, marking another commendable achievement for the Cougars. Their performance was exceptional, and the team displayed great sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the meet. It is evident that their hard work and dedication have paid off, and their coaches and supporters must have been thrilled with their performance.

Overall, the Brazos Middle School Cougars and Cougarettes displayed their prowess in the Van Vleck Track & Field Athletic Meet, delivering impressive performances in each category. The team’s efforts, hard work, and dedication towards their craft are worth praising. It is clear that these young athletes have a bright future ahead of them and can go on to achieve great heights in the world of sports. We look forward to seeing them continue to excel and achieve greatness in their future endeavors.


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