Students from Brazos High School’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) recently showcased their agricultural expertise at the Bell County Youth Fair, held on February 9, 2024. These students demonstrated their skills in Vet Science, Wool Judging, and Livestock Judging.

In the Vet Science category, Cheyenne Michalsky, Denise Hauer, Kady Schneider, and Elliot Harnage formed a formidable team securing 2nd place. Vet Science competitions typically entail tasks related to veterinary medicine and animal health, such as identifying breeds, diagnosing illnesses, and understanding care practices. Additionally, Cheyenne Michalsky’s recognition as the 2nd High Individual underscores her exceptional performance within the team.

The Wool Judging team, comprising Sophia Vykukal, Jackson Vykukal, Maggie Richardson, Blair Warren, and McKenna Stroud, earned 3rd place. This competition involves evaluating wool samples based on criteria like fineness, length, crimp, and cleanliness. Sophia Vykukal’s acknowledgment as the 3rd High Individual, along with Jackson Vykukal’s 4th High Individual ranking, highlights their proficiency in assessing wool quality.

Furthermore, the Livestock Judging team, featuring Saley Speckmaier, Ariel Chaney, Jeffrey Offord, and Reid Warr, represented Brazos High School admirably in this competitive event. Livestock Judging competitions entail evaluating various types of livestock based on criteria like muscle development, structural correctness, and marketability.

These competitions not only assess students’ agricultural knowledge and skills but also cultivate teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership abilities. The success of these teams reflects the dedication and hard work of the students, as well as the support and guidance provided by their instructors. Their achievements bring pride to Brazos High School and spotlight the talent and commitment of Wallis, Texas’s youth in excelling in agricultural education and competitive events.


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