Eleven talented students from Brazos High School recently participated in the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest hosted at Edna High School. Their remarkable performances have garnered them well-deserved recognition and an opportunity to advance to the State competition.

These outstanding students and their impressive achievements include:

  • Patrick Martinez, who delivered a stellar Alto Sax Solo performance, earning a 1st Division rating and securing a spot as a STATE QUALIFIER.
  • Megan McFarland, who displayed her mastery of the French Horn, receiving a 1st Division rating and also qualifying for the State competition.
  • Chloe Flores, who showcased her proficiency with the Trombone and was awarded a 1st Division rating.
  • Patrick Martinez, AJ Hille, and Kade Vasquez, who formed a Sax Trio, achieving a 1st Division rating and also earning the title of STATE QUALIFIERS.
  • Chloe Flores, Fernando Rodriguez, and Cheyenne Bertrand, who collaborated on a Trombone Trio performance, securing a 1st Division rating and a place in the State competition.

At the core of this achievement lies the coveted “1st Division” rating, often referred to as “Superior.” This rating signifies an exceptional level of skill and dedication, with performances meeting or exceeding judges’ stringent standards across various criteria, such as tone quality, intonation, rhythm, technique, interpretation, and overall presentation.  Earning a 1st Division rating is a testament to the students’ excellence in their craft and is a recognition of their hard work and commitment. It demonstrates their standing as top-tier musicians, setting them apart in their region or district.

But what makes this achievement even more noteworthy is the opportunity it presents – a chance to compete at the State level. The State competition is a significant milestone in a musician’s journey, for several reasons:

  • Recognition of Excellence: Qualifying for a State competition is a clear acknowledgement of the participant’s extraordinary talent. It places them among the finest performers in their region and reflects their exceptional abilities.
  • Further Advancement: State competitions serve as a gateway to more prestigious and competitive events. Participants at this level face off against top performers from across the state, offering an even greater platform to showcase their skills.
  • Enhanced Learning: Preparation for State competitions involves intensive practice, skill refinement, and valuable feedback from experienced judges and instructors. This process contributes significantly to the participant’s artistic growth and mastery.
  • Networking and Exposure: State-level competitions bring together talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. This provides an excellent opportunity for participants to connect with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators, expanding their network within the music community.
  • Personal Achievement: For many, reaching the State competition represents the realization of a cherished personal goal. It serves as a tangible marker of progress and accomplishment, instilling confidence and motivation to continue pursuing their passion.
  • College and Scholarship Prospects: Outstanding performances at State competitions can capture the attention of college admissions committees and scholarship programs. Participation in such competitive events can enhance the likelihood of gaining admission or securing financial aid for further studies.
  • Community Pride: Qualifying for a State competition is a source of pride for the participant’s school, family, and local community. It underscores the school’s commitment to nurturing talent and excellence in the arts, while also inspiring and encouraging other students to pursue their own passions.

In summary, earning a 1st Division rating and qualifying for the State competition is a significant accomplishment that extends far beyond mere recognition. It represents an opportunity for personal growth, exposure, and potential career advancement in the world of music or any other competitive field. Congratulations to these exceptional students from Brazos High School for their outstanding achievements, and best of luck as they prepare to represent their school at the State level.



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