Last week, the Brazos High School FFA floral program had the privilege of showing appreciation to the School Board with a unique and flavorful gesture. With the help of student teacher Miss Pereira, the students created delightful edible arrangements that not only looked fantastic, but tasted amazing too.

The theme of the arrangements was “Forward, Together”, which was fittingly reflected in the coffee mug, featuring the words “Forward Together” in an eye-catching font.   The coffee mugs were filled with an assortment of juicy and ripe fruits cut in different shapes that were crafted out of fresh fruits such as pineapple, grapes, strawberries, and various melons, making it not only an attractive addition to the table, but also a tasty snack for the School Board members to enjoy.

The students at Brazos High School FFA are grateful for the dedication and efforts of the School Board, who work tirelessly to make the school a better place for everyone. They hope that the edible arrangements brought a smile to the faces of the School Board members, and showed them how much they are appreciated.

Thank you School Board for your time, dedication and efforts to make our school better. The students at Brazos High School FFA look forward to continued collaboration and growth as they work together, moving forward into the future.


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