Are you tired of Daylight Savings Time?  Well, a Texas Representative feels your pain.  State Representative Jason Isaac (R-Dripping Springs) has filed House Bill 2400 the “Texas Time” Bill, a bill that seeks to abolish Texas’ observance of Daylight Savings Time.  Rep. Isaac’s did a press release covering the bill on February 24th which reads:

AUSTIN — Rep. Jason Isaac (R-Dripping Springs) has filed House Bill 2400 to abolish Daylight Saving Time.

“Imagine that it’s 2017 and lawmakers have for the first time proposed arbitrarily changing our clocks twice a year. They would be publicly ridiculed!” Rep. Isaac stated. “The fact is, Daylight Saving Time is an antiquated regulation that no longer serves our state’s needs.”

Numerous studies have suggested that Daylight Saving Time changes lead to an increase in car accidents and heart attacks. This is in addition to lost productivity due to sleep cycle disruptions causing fatigue, decreased alertness, decreased motivation, and tardiness.

“Daylight Saving Time has become an annoyance at best and a burden to our state at worst,” Rep. Isaac continued.

“In Texas, all state agencies go through a ‘sunset review’ process in which they have to prove their worth to the taxpayers who fund them — or be abolished. Outdated regulations should have to do the same. It’s time to let the sun set on Daylight Saving Time.”

Rep. Isaac is a fourth-generation native Texan who has served House District 45 since 2011. He is the vice president of the Texas Conservative Coalition, the conservative caucus in the Texas Legislature, and founding chair of the Hill Country Caucus. He is proud to represent Hays and Blanco counties and lives in Drippings Springs with his wife, Carrie, and two sons.

It might be surprising to people that most the world does not utilize Daylight Savings Time.  In fact, after an earlier (unpopular) 1918 trial of Daylight Saving Time and its later repeal in 1919, it was re-enacted nationwide under Nixon under the “Emergency Daylight Saving Time Energy Conservation Act of 1973.” Before either of those times it was not observed by the U.S. either.  Many now consider its use as archaic and unnecessary, since what it was originally instituted for didn’t work.  Some have poked fun at its use while others wonder if it even makes sense anymore

So, if you’re tired of Daylight Savings time and wish that we just left our clocks alone between seasons, you now have a bill and a representative that agrees with you.


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