In a Friday night conference clash that will be remembered for its one-sided nature, the Bellville Brahma Boys Varsity Football Team delivered a resounding 72-0 victory over the Wharton Tigers at Wharton’s home turf. The game, which had fans on both sides excited for a competitive showdown, quickly turned into a showcase of Bellville’s dominance.

First Quarter Surge

The Brahma Boys set the tone right from the start, scoring three touchdowns in the opening quarter. The first touchdown came with approximately seven minutes left on the clock when #9 Corrian Hood powered through for a 29-yard rushing touchdown, putting Bellville ahead 13-0 after a successful PAT by #90 Fernando Grajales.

Bellville continued to pour on the pressure, showcasing their offensive prowess. In just under three minutes, they managed to extend their lead further with another touchdown by Hood and a successful PAT, making it 21-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Second Quarter Blitz

The second quarter was no different, with Bellville continuing their relentless assault. #5 DD Murray scored a 2-yard rushing touchdown, and Grajales added another successful PAT, pushing the score to 28-0. A safety followed soon after, increasing the lead to 30-0.

Bellville’s offensive machine kept running smoothly, with Murray scoring another touchdown, this time from 5 yards out. The PAT by Grajales was once again successful, bringing the score to 37-0.

As the half drew to a close, Bellville remained in control, with a commanding 44-0 lead.

Third Quarter Dominance

The third quarter saw no let-up from the Bellville Brahma Boys. Corrian Hood broke away for a 60-yard rushing touchdown, extending Bellville’s lead to 57-0 after the successful PAT. A 35-yard rushing touchdown by #17 Nic Carlile and another PAT by Grajales made it 65-0 at the end of the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter Finish

Bellville continued to dominate in the final quarter. The game’s exclamation point came in the form of a pick-six, as #7 Adarius Hutchinson returned an interception for a 15-yard touchdown. With the successful PAT by Grajales, the final score stood at a resounding 72-0 in favor of Bellville.

The game showcased the Brahma Boys’ offensive firepower and stout defense, while Wharton struggled to find any answers. It was a remarkable performance by Bellville, leaving their fans celebrating a commanding victory.

The Bellville Brahma Boys Varsity Football Team’s performance in this game will undoubtedly be a topic of conversation in the conference, and they’ll be looking to build on this momentum as the season progresses. Meanwhile, Wharton will be regrouping and looking to bounce back from this challenging defeat in the games ahead.


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